It comes quickly, swiftly!

February 2015 (9)

Isaiah 5:25-30

25 For this reason the anger of Yahveh became hot against his people, and he stretched out his hand against it and struck it and the mountains quaked, and their corpse became like refuse in the middle of the streets. 26 And he will raise a signal among nations from afar, and he will whistle for it from the end of the earth. And look! It comes quickly, swiftly! 27 None is weary, and none among him stumbles; none slumbers and none sleeps. And no loincloth on his waist is opened, and no thong of his sandals is drawn away. 28 Whose arrows are sharp, and all of his bows are bent. The hoofs of his horses are strong as flint, and his wheels roar like the storm wind. 29 His roaring like the lion, and he roars like young lions. And he growls and seizes his prey, and he carries off, and not one can rescue. 30 And he will roar over him on that day like sea roaring, and when one looks to the land, see! Darkness! Distress! And light is growing dark with its clouds.

It comes quickly, swiftly!

The picture that Isaiah paints with his words is of an advancing army that is so strong and unified that nothing is going to stop it. Not one soldier is lagging back. Not one soldier has to stop to tie his shoe, or take a leak. The sound of this coming onslaught is like the roar of a storm wind, and also like the roar of a hungry lion. The invading army is so dense that all one can see when they look in their direction is a dark cloud, and that darkness is getting nearer and nearer.

Sinner, you need to see God’s judgment like that. If you have not made your peace with God in this life, he is not going to meet you as a glowing light, but as a growing darkness. Your destiny will not be eternal life, but eternal death. Hell is real, and it awaits all those whose name is not written in the Lamb’s book of life. The Lamb is Jesus, and he know who is his.

Isaiah warned his people that God’s judgment was coming swiftly and quickly. That judgment could not be escaped. But the good news of the gospel for you is that hell can be escaped. Jesus is the way to the Father, and the way out of his judgment.

LORD, lead us all to trust in Christ, your way of deliverance and protection from the second death in Hell.

About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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