sacred rest


Exodus 35:1-3

1 Moses assembled all the congregation of the sons of Israel and said to them, “These are the words that reflect what the LORD has commanded you to do. 2 Work should be done for six days, but on the seventh day you should have a Sabbath of sacred rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it should be put to death. 3 You should kindle no fire in all your homes on the Sabbath day.”

sacred rest

Believers in Christ are under no obligation to cease working one day a week. Neither this command, nor the death penalty associated with it are repeated in the New Testament as an obligation for Christians. Instead, the apostles allowed those who wished to hold a Sabbath to do so, but told them not to insist that others do so.[1]

But the principle of the Sabbath is not one that anyone should overlook. The LORD rescued the Israelites from painful and humiliating labor as slaves in Egypt. He commanded them to celebrate that rescue by ceasing to labor one day a week. That one day of rest is to be a sacred time, one in which the redeemed reflect upon the grace and mercy of their redeemer.

Setting aside time to reflect upon our deliverance and honor the One who redeemed us from slavery to sin is a good idea for anyone at any time.

LORD, thank you for rescuing us from bondage to a cruel taskmaster.

[1] Romans 14:5-6.

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