getting used to the new look


Exodus 29:26-30

26 “You should take the breast of the ram of Aaron’s ordination and wave it for a wave offering before the LORD, and it will be your portion. 27 And you should consecrate the breast of the wave offering that is waved and the thigh of the priests’ portion that is contributed from the ram of ordination, from what was Aaron’s and his sons. 28 It will be for Aaron and his sons as a perpetual due from the people of Israel, for it is a contribution. It should be a contribution from the people of Israel from their peace offerings, their contribution to the LORD. 29 “The holy garments of Aaron should be for his sons after him; they should be anointed in them and ordained in them. 30 The son who succeeds him as priest, who comes into the tent of meeting to minister in the Holy Place, should wear them seven days.

getting used to the new look

The priests who succeed those initially ordained were required to wear their new priestly garments for a full week. This served as a reminder that the service was a 24/7 service. It was not to be thought of as a special event, separated from the priests normal life. It was to be seen as the new normal.

Likewise, when we come to Christ, we are all ordained into the priesthood under the new covenant. From that time on, our earlier identity and allegiances will be forever affected. The Christian life and the ministry that comes with it are life altering changes. From that time on, we are no longer to see ourselves as we once did. Our life goal and orientation has been permanently changed.

LORD , as we prepare ourselves to minister your grace, may we also be prepared to turn away from our old routines and desires, and to concentrate fully on service to you, and to others in your name.

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