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the death of heaven’s king

Matthew 27:27-66.  What Matthew records about the death of Christ emphasizes how utterly forsaken he was at that time.  He did not deserve the punishment he received, nor the abandonment.  He endured the pain and shame for us. He was  … Continue reading

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the innocence of heaven’s king

Matthew 27:1-26.  Matthew records a few events to highlight the actual innocence of Jesus.  His betrayer – Judas – returns the money he had been paid to the chief priests and elders.  He confesses that he had sinned by betraying … Continue reading

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the lonely night of heaven’s king

Matthew 26:30-75.  Jesus and his disciples had barely any time to reflect on the significance of the Lord’s Supper.  they went to the Mount of Olives, and Jesus predicted again his betrayal, and the fact that his disciples would deny … Continue reading

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the last supper of heaven’s king

Matthew 26:1-29.  The officials in Jerusalem are even now plotting to have Jesus arrested and killed.  A woman anoints him with expensive oil, and Jesus allows the extravagance because she is preparing him for burial.  Judas conspires to betray him.  … Continue reading

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being ready for heaven’s king

Matthew 25.  Jesus had taught his disciples that they “must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect” (24:44). He concludes his eschatological discourse with three parable illustrating the need for that … Continue reading

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three questions for heaven’s king

Matthew 24.  In verse 3, the disciples asked Jesus three questions about the future.  Each section of the eschatological discourse answers one of those questions. Matthew 24:3 As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him … Continue reading

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children of hell and heaven’s king

Matthew 23.  Jesus pronounces judgment upon the religious professionals in Jerusalem and warns his disciples not to follow their hypocrisy.  With seven prophetic woes, he condemns them for seven sins:       They shut the kingdom of heaven in … Continue reading

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hard questions and heaven’s king

Matthew 22:15-46.  The various religious and political parties in Jerusalem had decided to get rid of Jesus by publically humiliating him.  They each chose a hard question to ask him “to entangle him in his words.”   Jesus shows the … Continue reading

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the source of heaven’s king

Matthew 21:28-22:14.  Jesus had been confronted by the chief priests and elders at Jerusalem. While he was teaching in the temple courts they demanded that he reveal the source of his ministry.  He would not tell them outright, but he … Continue reading

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prayer and heaven’s king

Matthew 21:12-27.  Three stories from Jesus’ time at the Jerusalem temple highlight the ministry of prayer.  In each story, an obstacle must be overcome.   Jesus cleansed the temple by overturning the tables of commerce that had been set up.  … Continue reading

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