only Jesus: builder of God’s house

Jesus-1Hebrews 3:1-6.  The author of Hebrews urges his Jewish brothers not to cling to the traditions associated with Moses and slip away from their confidence in Christ.  Just as some were tempted to get sidetracked on worshipping angels (chapters 1-2), so many were being tempted to return to a Judaism without its Messiah.  Moses is compared to Jesus here.



  1. Moses “was faithful in all God’s house” as a servant.  He predicted what God was going to do later, through Christ.
  2. Jesus “is faithful over God’s house” as a Son who fulfilled and is fulfilling those predictions.  We are that house, if we “hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope.” 

Instead of worshipping Moses, believers should be like Moses – longing to see the Son when he comes in his glory.

LORD, make us faithful in your house, and confident in our hope – a hope that we put in Jesus alone.

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