responding to heaven’s king

Matthew 28 19Matthew 28.  To Matthew, the resurrection of Jesus was such an obvious reality that he didn’t even  describe it.  Instead, he focused on the various responses to the resurrection that first Easter morning. 

  1. The angel came down with such force that another earthquake happened, and he rolled that useless stone away from the door to the tomb and sat on it.  This accomplished two things: it scared the great Roman soldiers into paralysis, and it drew attention to the empty tomb (1-10).
  2. The two women-witnesses feared as well, but they investigated the empty tomb, and then obeyed by going to tell others.  When they saw Jesus, they worshipped.  Their worship did not prevent their obedience (1-10).
  3. The soldiers rejected the reality of what they saw, and conspired to keep it hidden with lies (11-15).
  4. The disciples also worshipped – although even the Lord’s presence did not remove all their doubt.  Matthew does not record their response to the Great Commission.  You and I are that record.

LORD,  we have seen heaven’s king.  May we have the courage to both worship and obey him.

Go therefore and make disciples ” (28:19)

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