mission: revive the passion

SDC12708 2 Timothy 1:1-7.  Paul’s final words to Timothy are recorded in this letter.  They reveal the priorities of a man who was impassioned with the gospel.

  1. He was motivated by the “promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus.”  As he waited in a Roman prison to die, no other motivation could sustain him.  He lived for the resurrection unto eternal life promised him by the one he met on the Damascus road (1-2).
  2. He remembered those people who had been transformed by the gospel.  timothy was the third generation that Paul had seen miraculously changed by faith in Christ (4-5).
  3. He urged Timothy to revive the passion that his faith once produced.  He recalls the day when he laid his hands on Timothy and the Holy Spirit manifested.  Perhaps that day Timothy spoke an impassioned evangelistic message, full of “power and love and self-control”? (6-7).

It is that passionate response to the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit that Paul thinks of when he prays for Timothy.  It reminds him that the power of God is ongoing.  It will survive us.  It is stronger than this generation.

It remains for us to make sure that we do not fail the power within.  If we are not careful,  the embers of that flame might just die down die to apathy and distraction.  We need to fan the fire into flames again.

LORD, revive us again.  Rekindle our souls with your fire from above.  May the passion burn within us, so that the next generation can experience your deliverance.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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