traditions that dishonor Christ

SDC12541 1 Corinthians 11:2-34.   Paul had set up some traditions that the Corinthian churches were following. He commended them for following the head-covering tradition. This was especially important in first-century Corinth, because members of the freedom faction were arguing that their wives should take their head coverings off because they were free in Christ. The wives did not want to do that because only the prostitutes went out in public without a head-covering.

Paul did not commend them for how they were practicing the love-feasts. He reminded them that the Lord’s Supper (which was part of the feast) was a solemn remembrance of Christ’s death for them. Therefore, they should be careful that they show proper respect for each other.

For both of these issues, Paul stresses the idea of personal judgment. Believers should be able to make proper judgments on these matters. After all, we believers will some day judge the angels (6:3). That explains the reference to angels (11:10).

LORD, teach us to make sound and proper judgments about the traditions that we keep — that we do not dishonor you.

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