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the Holy Spirit empowers kingdom seekers

Luke 12:13-48.   Luke had just recorded Jesus’ warning to his followers that they would be brought before the authorities and questioned because of their faith.  He told them not to be anxious because the Holy Spirit would give them the … Continue reading

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enemies of the Holy Spirit

Luke 11:37-12:12.  There are two kinds of religious person: friends of the Holy Spirit, and his enemies.  The Holy Spirit ministers through his friends – people who stand up for the truth about Jesus Christ – even if they are … Continue reading

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a generation’s doom

Luke 12:49-13:9.  Jesus knew not only that he was going to suffer a violent baptism (the cross), but also that the entire generation in which he lived would be under judgment. That generation would be torn apart by division among … Continue reading

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preparing for the future

Luke 12:13-48.  The rich fool thought he was getting ready for the future, but he was merely laying up treasure for someone else to enjoy (13-21). The nations of the world think they are preparing for the future by worrying … Continue reading

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choosing the right fear

Luke 11:37-12:12.  A Pharisee had invited Jesus to dine with him, and Jesus accepted. The Pharisee was astonished that Jesus did not follow his tradition of ceremonially washing his hands before eating. The Pharisee expected deference because he was a … Continue reading

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